Grab life by the fangs

Mark your calendars, the weekend of June 14-16, every single book I have will be on sale. That’s right, EVERYTHING. Books that are already really cheap will be free and everything else will be deeply discounted.This is an Amazon US exclusive. Depending on how this goes, I may later do an Amazon UK exclusive. 😉

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Over half a million books sold!

From Tracey H. Kitts:

I write what I enjoy in the hopes that others will enjoy it as well. I’ve always been drawn to the macabre. Vampires, werewolves, you name it.

I’ve never written about the paranormal because it’s popular. I do it because that’s what I’m interested in. If the vampire/werewolf fad ever passes, I’ll still be sitting here in my Dracula cape, getting my fang on.

Here are the latest releases by Tracey H. Kitts

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Night Touch

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