“My grandmother says werewolves are the result of a curse from long ago, made of shadow and blood.”

An erotic horror reimagining of Red Riding Hood by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Tracey H. Kitts, writing as T.K. Hardin.

Belladonna LaCroix and her grandmother, Islene, are the last in a long line of werewolf hunters. The Big Bad Wolf has claimed Bella's body, but is he really after her heart?

Her grandmother slayed the legendary Beast of Gévaudan. That was 34 years ago and now similar killings have begun anew.

Is this a new monster, and can Bella put the creature down and make a name for herself? Or has her grandmother’s nightmare returned? And what does this mean for her “friendship” with the alpha she only knows as Wolf?

Possible Triggers and tropes: size difference, m/f monster sex, multiple first person POV, intense graphic violence, vulgar language, graphically described monster sex (It’s mentioned twice for a reason.), naked werewolves, torture, a twisted sense of humor, light BDSM, and drug use.


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