BOOK FOUR (of four)

This is the final book in the Bound by Blood series.

SPOILER ALERT: Read Book Three: Dragon Slayer Dreams before you read this description.

Nicole thought she was only a witch, but she is far more. She is the last in a long line of powerful magical beings once thought to be extinct. As she learns to control her newfound abilities, the true love spell comes full circle. Nicole doesn't have one true love, but two. Can she rise to the challenge?

And it seems a master vampire has been resurrected from his bones, as if everything else wasn't enough to deal with.

Warning: This series contains graphic sex, graphic language, and graphic violence. It also has multiple (smoking hot) partners. There will be a happy ending. This is the fourth entry in the Bound by Blood serial that tells the story of Nicole Austin and her family's curse. These stories are meant to be read in order.


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