Book Cover: Wounded Heart
Part of the Unseelie of Atlanta series:

This is Book Two in the Unseelie of Atlanta series. Each book in this series is a standalone story with returning characters.

A wounded fae lord in hiding offers his protection and his heart to a banshee who has no idea how much she needs either.

Ahern is the last of his kind, injured and seeking revenge for the love stolen from him. But when Layla’s life is threatened by the same hunters who killed his lover, he cannot allow her to be harmed, no matter the cost.

Layla is a witch with untapped fae magic in her blood. She needs protection from magical bounty hunters, but is the sexy fae who applies really up for the job?

Warning: May incite the desire to search the woods for hot fae lords. As always, use caution when capturing faeries and beware of barghests.

Contains graphic language, violence, and mature content.


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